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Our caring, highly skilled and dedicated Heaven's Angels Psychic Readers want to help advise and guide you to the right path so you can empower yourself to make the right decisions for you. Our talented Readers’ many offerings include: General Readings, Channeling & Mediumship, Past Life Readings, Dream Analysis, Self-empowerment & Spiritual Counseling, Astrology, Tarot & Oracle Card Readings, Angel Communication, Aura Readings & Cleansing, Reiki & Energy Healing, Demonology Work, Affirmations, Guided Meditations, Tea Leaf Readings, and more!

The reading services provided cover a wide variety of topics that are important to almost everyone, including: general readings, career and business readings, financial readings, professional readings, self-empowerment work, relationship readings, introduction to your Spirit Guides and Angels and contacting loved ones who’ve crossed over, to name a few.

Please feel free to browse through the types of readings, healing'sand other metaphysical services that are available by clicking on the ‘Description of Readings’ page. To see a detailed bio and all the offers for an individual just click on the "Detailed Profile & Offerings" link.




Linda (aka Mystic Aura)  Using Gifts since 1969
Professionally since 2001

To contact Linda click here

Linda's: Special Psychic Services:
Channeling .Meditations Dream Interpreter Past Life Readings, Psychic/ Intuitive Readings Pendulum Readings


Reiki Master: Reiki Healing, Energy Healing

Counseling: Spiritual Counseling Self-empowerment Counseling

Charts & Reports: Astrology Numerology

Class Instructor


Detailed Profile & Linda's Offerings



Rae (aka RaeOfHope), Using Gifts since 1976 Professionally since 1979

To contact Rae click here

Rae's: Special Psychic Services: Aura Reader, Affirmations, Channeling/Mediumship, Demonology Work, Dream Interpreter, Palm Readings (In-person only), Past Life Reader, Pendulum Readings, Psychic/Intuitive Readings, Runes Readings, Stones, Tea Leaf Readings, Tarot Reader


Reiki Master: Reiki Healing, Color/Energy Healing, Aura Cleansing

Tes Leaf Readings

Counseling: Spiritual Counseling, Self-empowerment Counseling, Paranormal Counseling

Card & Rune
Ruins Tarot , Stones

Class Instructor


Detailed Profile & Rae's Offerings



Peggie(aka HAR Peggie) Using Gifts since she was a child

To contact Peggie click here

Peggies Special Psychic Services::Tarot Reader, Pendulum Reader, Mediumship, Psychic/Intuitive Reader Aetrology


Cards Tarot Cards

Charts & Reports Astrological Charts

Pendulum Readings

   Detailed Profile & Peggie's Offerings  


Dani (aka Bastet)  Using “Gifts” since 1972
Professionally since 1980

To Contact Dani Click here

Dani's Special Psychic Services: Full color Graphic Wheel Chats
Natal and Chaos Astrology, Tarot Cards, Soulscapes Paranormal and Protection , Crystal and Gemstone Amulets and information on many spiritual and wiccian ways. & Cats


Cards Tarot Card Reading

Chart & Reports Chaos Astrology Natal Charts

Counseling::Paranormal Counseling, Protection The Darker side

Class Instructor Meditation and Grounding

Art: Soulscapes, Anulets and Jewerly

  Detailed Profile & Dani's Offerings  


MaryAnn (HAR HealingAngel)

To comtact MaryAnn Click here

MaryAnn's Special Psychic Servives ; Clairaudient , Claircognizant Empath, Energy Healer, Healer, Intuitive, Reiki Master, Seer , Spiritual Counselor, Spiritual Teacher, Clairvoyant



Reiki Master

Spiritual Teacher

  Detailed Bio and MaryAnn's offerings  
HAR Dena

Dena (AKA HAR SpiritMother)
Using Gifts since: 1993
Professionally since: 1997

To contact Dena Click here

Dena's Special Psychic Services: Clairvoyant, Dream Interpreter, Empath, Intuitive. Psychic Precognitive, Seer , Tarot Card Reader


Tarot Card Readings

Fairy Oracle Card Readings


Detailed Bio and Dena's Offerings


Patti (aka HAR WindsWhisper)

To contact Patti : Click here

Patti's Special Psychic Services: Energy/Soul Reader ~ Intuitive ~ Oracle Reader ~ Psychic Reader

Animal Totems

Power Animals

Animal Oracle Readings

Earth Energy & Animal Oracle Readings

  Detailed Bio and Patti's Offerings  


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Disclaimer: Heaven's Angels Readings services are for entertainment purposes only. We do NOT knowingly provide readings or counseling for anyone under 21 years of age. We are not responsible for inaccurate readings that happen as a result of being provided false information by the client. We do NOT provide LEGAL, PATERNITY, or LOTTERY readings. We are not liable for any decisions you make based on your reading .Privacy Policy: Your information is completely confidential. Information disclosed during a private reading will never be shared, rented, sold, or otherwise distributed. We use PayPal for our payment processor, thus none of your payment details are gathered, nor stored, by Heaven's Angel Readings

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